Many private customers may experience uncertainty when purchasing a new property or vacation home. Hvidsten Eiendom is a professional real estate company seeking to provide its customers with trust and confidence in the purchasing process. The guidelines we follow for our customers (Best Practices) are meant to fulfil this goal.

Marketing and Information
In its marketing collaterals, Hvidsten Eiendom aims to provide accurate, simple, comprehensible and adequate information about the sales object, property and the financial implications of the purchase. Where construction has not commenced or been completed, the company will account for issues regarding the building plans, floor plans and financial calculations related to the planned completion date.

Advertisements, sales materials and other written or verbal information shall be based on the most accurate assumptions we are able to provide at the time of marketing. However buyers should be aware that those same considerations may not be appropriate at the time of transfer or they may have changed over time due to new market conditions. This may apply to common fees, rental costs, rental rates, cost on borrowing, tax assumptions, delivery times, details of layout etc. We will however always strive to provide the most accurate information based on existing parameters.

Hvidsten Eiendom will strive to be a professional and helpful advisor providing deep knowledge about its sales objects; answering questions; or finding answers to relevant questions before, during and after a purchase. On the basis of the information provided in sales materials, our sales representatives shall be able to offer as up-to-date information as possible if changes to previously provided information occurs.

Hvidsten Eiendom endeavours to always review its sales and purchase agreements in such a way that it reduces the possibility of future misunderstandings and misinterpretation of contractual obligations. The review should give buyers confidence and security when purchasing and reduce any ambiguities. Any project-related conditions should be especially clarified.

Hvidsten Eiendom works with professional suppliers and consultants for its developments to ensure completion and transfer according to appointed timelines. During the selection process a due diligence of working partners will be undertaken, evaluating their ability and past experience. During construction of projects quality assurance is a key goal. Unforeseen circumstances may however contribute to pushing timelines and we therefore operate with time frames rather than specific due dates. Whether we use an estimated completion date or time frames, customers should be aware of this issue.

Financial Position
Hvidsten Eiendom has previously been awarded the credit rating, AAA (triple A), by Dun & Bradstreet. The credit rating company gave the firm its highest rating together with a small selection of other companies. The firms CreditInform and Experian Northern Europe have similarly given Hvidsten Eiendom the highest rating termed "Highest Credit Worthiness”. In other words, Hvidsten Eiendom has been independently assessed as one of few companies with the highest credit rating in Norway.

We are proud of this assessment and hope the evidence of our level of discipline is something our customers may benefit from. Furthermore, we hope it contributes to a mutual trust between us as developers, owners and seller of property, and our customers as buyers.

Just as we strive for Best Practices in our own business and financial affairs, we will strive to treat our customers with the same manner of professionalism and clarity in financial and other business matters.


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